HangEveryRepubliKKKan wrote:

> "Fraser Tweedale" wrote
>> HangEveryRepubliKKKan: Go do something constuctive with your time.
>> Your antics are not appreciated here, and your anti-Linux crusade is
>> achieving nothing.

> I'm only here to get an answer to one question.
> 300 days ago LinTards here and all over the net were making the claim that
> 2007 was going to be the end
> of Micosoft and that Linux was going to become in this year the standard
> OS
> for the desktop. It was further
> claimed that Vista would be an absolute catastrophe and the Linux would
> make tremendous gains in the desktop market.

where are these claims posted (link please?)?

> Now, we see that in the last 300 days Vista has sold around 100 million
> copies, and that Linux has not only not achieved any presence on the
> desktop, but has acutally decreased in marketshare.

half a truth is still all of a lie.
truth: windows vista did "sell 100 million copies globally)
lie: linux lost desktop market share (explain novel and opensuse then

> So... What happened LinTard? How did YOOZERS go so spectacularly wrong?

no. but it appears you did...

> Is it still raining Gumdrops and lollypops in LinTard Land?

bright and sunny in the land of Linux. I'm still wondering about that dark
cloud over Redmond Washington though...

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