Birmingham might buy thousands of XO Laptop computers for students in grades
one through eight

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| The machines don't run Microsoft Office, Photoshop or any other standard Mac
| or Windows programs, instead using a free, open-source version of GNU/Linux,
| with a simplified graphical interface designed for children called Sugar. The
| laptop has a 500-megahertz processor and 256 megabytes of DRAM (dynamic
| random access memory) with 1 gigabyte of flash memory. The laptops have Web
| browsers and their own Wi-Fi system, the ability to connect to the Internet
| wirelessly. Each is on a "mesh network," meaning all the laptops can see each
| other, without any setup, even if there is no wireless connection nearby.


Asustek Aims 20% of the PC Market in 2010 with Eee PC.
Traditional PCs Are Too Powerful, Eee PC – Going Back to Basics, Says Asustek

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| “I think the chance of surpassing 20% in 2010 is very high because there will
| be further [Asus Eee] products in the future,” said Jonney Shih, chief
| executive of Asustek, in an interview with DigiTimes web-site. *


LATU Uruguay Buying 100,000 OLPC XO's Over Classmate PC!!

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| We now have the results from the first open competition for government
| purchases of laptops designed for 1:1 implementation in public schools, the
| Ceibal Uruguay RFP.