OLPC asked to free XO laptop

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| Morales said a direct sales model works best for OLPC, as it covers the
| overhead cost of manufacturing XOs and in-store sales could yield more
| potential buyers. Bigger distribution will attract developers to XO's "Sugar"
| open-source Linux interface, which could lead to more educational
| applications for children to use as learning tools, Morales said.
| But it is XO's innovative hardware that will attract users, Morales said.


More on Linux hardware (VIA plays nice with Linux).

Open Source Software and the VIA pc3500 Motherboard, Part 1

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| Welcome to the first of a five-part article series that examines how Ubuntu
| Linux and other open source software runs on a computer built around the VIA
| pc3500 motherboard. Each article will cover different aspects of the
| computing experience. This series will feature discussions on topics such as:
| hardware and operating systems, multimedia software, office programs,
| internet applications, and software virtualization.



Via reaps benefits of Wal-Mart tie-up

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| The PCs are made by Everex, and sold cut-price using Via's C7 processor and
| UniChrome integrated graphics, and come with Linux pre-installed, as well as
| OpenOffice, Google Apps, FireFox and Skype. *
| Via has said in a statement that it thinks the C7 processor will shortly
| become its main product line, as its continues to fall behind in the chipset
| market, having failed to agree a license with Intel to create new chipsets. *


VIA and FIC to keep up with price of EeePC

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| The CE260 called NanoBook, which was developed by VIA in co-operation with
| VIA fellow affiliate FIC, is planned to be marketed in the U.S. by FIC
| subsidiary Everex from 2008. According to Taiwanese online service DigiTimes,
| FIC estimates that 50.000 to 60.000 CE260s will be sold via OEMs in the first
| quarter of 2008. DigiTimes states a price of less than 450 US dollars for the
| Windows XP version; a Linux version could be even cheaper. * *
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VIA's Linux support - will it finally happen?

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| This afternoon while I was surfing the web instead of paying attention to the
| lecture I was sitting in I came across a new posting on the MTube device over
| at ultramobilelife.com. While the short video included there isn't really all
| that interesting after you've seen the photos from the gallery a comment made
| by VIA's Bjorn Stromberg did manage to grab my attention. Asked about which
| operating system the MTube runs own he replied: * *
| "Yeah, it runs linux, they've got a simplified interface set up for specific
| applications. I'll be posting more details about the software part of the
| MTube when I have some more time." *


Via unveils "ultra mobile device" reference design

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| Via Technologies on June 6 unveiled the NanoBook Ultra Mobile Device
| (UMD) reference design -- a UMPC-like device, but with a full
| QWERTY keyboard.


2D/3D graphics chipset targets mobile devices

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| In the past, Via has offered Fedora Core drivers for Chrome9
| implementations in its P4M900 and K8M890 chipsets, and 2D
| acceleration may also be available through pure open source
| drivers such as OpenChrome... Again, however, taking advantage
| of the chip's 3D acceleration likely involves dealing with a
| binary-only Linux driver from Via.