How Red Hat Linux can help you boost performance and shrink IT costs

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| They need to rapidly develop and deploy new applications. They need to build
| a flexible infrastructure--one that can rapidly adjust to the needs of the
| business. There are many key benefits inherent in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Open Source Alternative to Enterprise Infrastructure Applications

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| It comes to no surprise that one of the most desirable advantages that
| Open Source software provides is by providing a significant cost saving
| in Software Licensing across the enterprise. This can comprise as much as
| 50% of a project budget and also as much as 30% of an annual IT budget.

IT Budget Crunch Opening Doors for Small Open Source Vendors

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| When Wild Oats was looking to automate some of its internal
| operations more than a year ago, it didn't turn to a blue-chip provider
| such as Microsoft, but to Linux, an open source computer operating
| system found free on the Web.