Linux for business use

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| Likewise, it’s vital to stress that Linux by itself is of little use. It’s
| the application software that provides most of the functionality that small
| businesses require, such as the ability to host an internet or public web
| server or email and collaboration servers, SQL databases and so on. And one
| of the big advantages of Linux over Windows is that a lot of this application
| software will be bundled with the distro already.

Bootcamp 501: Put a Puppy in your PC, part 3

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| Before we go any further a word or two of reassurance. Running Puppy Linux on
| your PC or laptop will not harm it in any way and no changes are made to the
| files or settings on your hard drive. In fact barring a major hardware
| problem Puppy will run even if the hard drive is faulty, or disconnected
| since all of the files it needs are on the CD and loaded into the PC's RAM
| memory; when the computer is switched off they will be erased.


Poll: In a fight between Vista, OS X, Linux, XP...

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| Among readers at least, the most recent iteration of Windows -
| aka Vista - garnered just 14 per cent of the vote, making it less popular
| than both Mac OS X and Linux.
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| Another reader - going by the name Richard A - said he was "shocked" at how
| slow the OS ran on a new Intel core duo Sony Vaio laptop. "Why anybody would
| willingly trade a stable and established XP environment for the wading though
| treacle experience of driverless Vista is quite utterly beyond me," he said,
| adding: "Granted, it has borrowed a few nice flourishes from the Apple Mac
| user interface but it really has little else to recommend it above XP. Apart
| from security, of course."
| Neil Thatcher, an IT manager from the South East, summed up many readers'
| views with his Reader Comment: "The changes to Vista over XP are simply gloss
| and change for change's sake which translate as nothing more than
| annoyances."
| Microsoft was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

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| Ninety percent of 961 IT professionals surveyed said they have concerns about
| migrating to Vista and more than half said they have no plans to deploy
| Vista. *
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| Macintosh leads the pack of Vista alternatives, with support from 28% of
| respondents. About a quarter said they would opt for Red Hat Linux, with SUSE
| Linux and Ubuntu each garnering 18% of the vote. Another 9% cited other Linux
| operating systems and 4% were unsure. *