Bob Young and the Rise of Red Hat Software

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| One of the key players in the rise of Linux is Bob Young, co-founder of Red
| Hat Software, the largest distributor of the Linux operating system. Young's
| creative resolution of a crucial strategic dilemma was the event that put Red
| Hat – and Linux – on the path to profit and power in the marketplace.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 utilizes nested paging on AMD Barcelona Processor
to improve performance of virtualized guests

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| In addition, RHEL 5.1 supports a feature called “nested paging,” available on
| AMD Barcelona processors, that translates guest virtual memory addresses to
| machine physical addresses using two-level translation in the hardware.
| [...]
| By combining AMD’s nested paging and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1’s PV
| drivers, performance numbers improve significantly, bringing it much closer
| to bare metal performance. This allows environments that run older versions
| of Linux or other operating systems (like Windows and Unix) to run in a fully
| virtualized mode on the Barcelona platform, thereby allowing customers to
| consolidate or, in some cases, just take advantage of the increased CPU
| speed.


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