I drove out here with only what I could fit in the back of my car,
so the tiny studio apartment I am renting is decorated with
collapsible camping furniture. The laptop is doing double duty
as my television. The flatpanel cinemascreen external monitor
allows it to function rather well in that capacity. It took a
bit of fiddling to get Ubuntu to handle built-in and external
monitors at different resolutions, but everything else has been
amazingly simple. 7.10 auto-detected all the integrated hardware
and even had no trouble with the external USB cellular modem.
Hardware accelerated graphics, wireless networking, everything
is working fine. The only real bug I've encountered is the
inability to disable the touchpad while using an external mouse
(the relevant checkboxes in the Preferences area seem to be

For the curious; I'm running this on a slightly used HP Pavilion
dv5000 with 1.5GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 80GB HD, and a DVD-RW drive.
I picked it up for $320 at the local used PC shop. Walked in with
a Live CD, tested it, and made a deal. I even ran into another
person there doing the same thing (testing a system with a live
CD). The store owner says it is not a rare occurrence.