TV on Your PC: Hulu, Joost and Miro Reviewed

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| No matter what service you pick, you won't find everything you want, thanks
| in part to corporate hang-ups and in part to the primitiveness of these early
| stages. They're maddeningly incomplete, like a crappy library in a rural
| town. Joost is probably your best bet in terms of quantity and quality, with
| Miro working better if you want a ton of new programming but don't care about
| corporate quality. And if you want Battlestar, well, the choice will be made
| for you.

....Doing for Linux what Firefox did in the Web browser area (Konqueror, Opera,
SongBird, AmaroK and many others aside).


Miro 1.0 is Here

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| I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of Miro 1.0.
| With this launch, we are ready to build a movement for truly open video.
| We’re on a mission, we have a world-class product, we have an amazing
| community, and more and more open channels are being published every day.
| It’s the right time. *

Mozilla gives $100K grant to Democracy makers

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| Mozilla has announced that a $100K has been approved for the
| Participatory Culture Foundation, a Massachusetts-based
| non-profit that aims to make "watching internet video channels [..] as easy
| as watching TV and broadcasting a channel...

Watch online video? Get Miro

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| In short, Miro makes it so much easier to find and to get video content that
| you won't want to switch to another app just to watch it.

Miro (Democracy Player) for Linux Reviewed

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| At the end of the day, Miro has been one of my favorite methods of
| downloading, maintaining and enjoying user created content. It's been a
| source of joy and discovery for me personally, and I only wish to see them
| gain a better focus on their future direction. Remember, non-profits can
| indeed, generate a profit. It's just a matter of reinvesting those funds into
| the project to better see through the mission of the group as a whole. * *

Democracy Player 0.9.6 Released - Last version ever! (before name change)

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| We have just released version 0.9.6 of Democracy Player.