Just A Glance At BLAG

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| Of course, BLAG's greatest feature is its emphasis on freedom. Freedom is
| important to me. And I suspect it's important to a lot more people. Minor
| glitches aside, we'll have to keep an eye on this one and see how it fares
| among users. I have very little idea just how popular it really is, but in
| DistroWatch's list, it's currently #79 - just a little behind Dyne:bolic
| (#75).


Catching up with the times: openSUSE 10.3

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| All in all, a very pleasant experience. Definitely distro of the year.
| Hopefully I'll be doing a lot more KDE4 hacking now -- instead of having to
| compile all of SVN I'll use the RPMs that the SUSE guys are generating weekly
| over at the buildservice.



BLAG updates its Fedora-based distro

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| The BLAG project released an updated version of BLAG Linux, build 50002,
| last weekend. The single-CD, install-only distribution is based on
| Fedora Core 5, and sports a 2.6.17 kernel and a GNOME desktop.


Review: BLAG 60001 - Linux Without Boundaries?

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| I admit: I was prepared to dislike BLAG, given its lowly Distrowatch
| ranking and apparent lack of popularity. With that in mind, I
| was pleasantly surprised by a number of features, such as the
| amount of multimedia support.