Free Culture Intro

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| This movement for a free culture, where people collaborate to create great
| works such as Wikipedia, is much wider than Wikipedia alone. You can see it
| embodied in the One Laptop Per Child initiative; in the Public Library of
| Science; in great archives of music such as Jamendo, and innovative record
| labels like Magnatune; and in projects such as the Internet Archive.

A bit less 'free' (open source), but nonetheless:

Frost & Sullivan Acknowledges Sangomas Customer and Sales Strategy-based Growth
in the Enterprise Voice Communication Market

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| Sangoma has amply demonstrated an ability to leverage unique opportunities
| such as open-source telephony in a mature, yet rapidly evolving market and
| translate it to accelerated revenue growth.


Radiohead find there's gold at the end of In Rainbows

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| A few weeks ago, the band Radiohead made waves by making their new album In
| Rainbows available online as a free download. But people could also decide
| how much they wanted to pay for it. *
| [...]
| In the programming field, the Linux operating system is an obvious example.
| In the arena of user-generated content, Wikipedia is another.
| But while both are examples of open-source collaboration, they are in fact
| very different. Linux harnesses the collective intelligence of a smallish
| band of talented programmers, while Wikipedia engages the energy and
| knowledge of hundreds of thousands of contributors. *

Free Radiohead music pirated

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| Big Champagne, a Los-Angeles-based company that tracks illegal downloading on
| the Internet said that while 1.2 million people legitimately downloaded the
| album online, 500,000 picked it up from torrent sites. *
| [....]
| It has also had more copies sold. Radiohead's previous album sold only
| 300,000 copies in the first week. *

Radiohead album bets on fast release, open pricing

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| The release of popular rock group Radiohead's new album next week is the
| latest wake-up call for a music industry still struggling to deal with the
| advent of digital music, experts say. *