Vendor Value: CIOs Rate the Leading Tech Providers

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| This year's No. 1 vendor: open source software vendor Red Hat, which earned a
| remarkable 97 percent loyalty rating.

Red Hat has held the top spot for several years in a row.

Some new Oracle customers have recently expressed /relative/ Red Hat
dissatisfaction, so it might just be the reliability and power of Linux that
has CIOs so pleased.


[Hill Air Force Base Making] Order out of chaos

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| Hill is using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 5, which has received Common
| Operating Environment certification from the Defense Information Systems
| Agency, meeting DISA requirements for interoperability, performance and
| standards. It also received certification through the Common Criteria
| Evaluation and Validation Scheme, a cooperative effort of the United States,
| Canada and Europe that’s spearheaded by the National Institute of Standards
| and Technology. CCEVS is “sort of a Good Housekeeping Seal of approval” that
| a product is secure, Smith said. * * *
| Microsoft Windows just doesn’t have a good reputation when it has to scale to
| an enterprise application that requires high levels of security, Smith said. *