Interview: On a mission to silence the doubters

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| How can a bunch of "hackers" create an operating system that can run
| mission-critical applications?" This is a question that Jim Zemlin is proud
| and relieved to say is no longer asked of Linux, the open source software
| that is increasingly becoming a force in corporate computing.
| It is now used by, among others, the banks Credit Suisse First Boston and
| Bank of America (NYSE:BAC). The internet retailers Amazon and Ebay both use
| Linux as does Tivo, the innovative personal video recorder group. Motorola
| (NYSE:MOT) has used a version in the Razr mobile phone; and IBM is a
| prominent supporter of Linux, as are Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) and Oracle

Anti-piracy moves 'hurt sales'

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| Retailers are urging the music industry to drop piracy protection for online
| downloads after new figures showed the average Briton has bought fewer than
| three digital tracks in the past three years.
| Incompatible proprietary technologies, aimed at defeating rampant piracy in
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| the digital music era, are instead "stifling growth and working against the
| consumer interest", said Kim Bayley, director-general of the Entertainment
| Retailers Association (ERA).


Did IT work: Putting Linux on desktops

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| While Linux servers are now commonplace, the desktop version of the Linux
| operating system has been slow to penetrate – particularly in enterprise
| workgroups. *


A gutsy new Linux system

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| As part of the installation process, the software checks that your hardware
| is adequate – although, as with other versions of Linux, Ubuntu’s
| requirements are minimal. You will need 256Mb of memory and 4Gb of free hard
| drive space. *