AXIGEN Powers IPSYSTEMS Seminar in the Philippines

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| Now at version 5.0, the AXIGEN Mail Server runs on several Linux and BSD
| distributions, on Solaris, on PowerPC and on SPARC architectures and signed
| technology partnerships with Sun Microsystems, RedHat, IBM and Avira.

Last week:

AXIGEN Announces 2 Million EUR Investment

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| AXIGEN continues to experience strong growth both in Romanian and
| international markets, with almost 90% end-users coming from outside of
| Romania. With a carrier class technology and outstanding support, AXIGEN is
| becoming the messaging solution of choice for a growing number of service
| providers worldwide. * *


AXIGEN launches v 2.0 commercial - a new feature-rich version

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| AXIGEN Mail Server is a fast, reliable and secure internet
| messaging solution, offering the power and sturdiness of a carrier
| class mail server. The first commercial version of AXIGEN for all major
| Linux distributions was unveiled at LinuxWorld Expo, in London, in
| September 2005. One year after the official launch, AXIGEN has
| already concluded business agreements with almost 50 domestic
| and international partners from countries such as the United
| States, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands and
| Romania and manages e-mail traffic for more than 400,000
| mailboxes worldwide.