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| We all appreciate that when we turn on our Linux systems they're pretty
| secure. Thanks to continuing improvements to SELinux, it is increasingly easy
| for users to take advantage of this powerful security tool. Read on to find
| an interview with Daniel Walsh, the principal developer of SELinux in Fedora
| from Red Hat, where he tells us more about what SELinux does and how it's
| improved in Fedora 8. At the end of the article are some screenshots which
| show-off the new policy creation GUI.


Tip of the Trade: SELinux *

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| You don't need to be a super-guru to set up a workable SELinux policy, just
| an ordinary, diligent server administrator unafraid to read a bit of *
| documentation.

Linux Application Hardening

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| When we talk about Linux hardening, we typically mean runtime
| application hardening to improve application reliability, leading to expected
| and predictable execution despite undesirable operating conditions (such as
| high memory or network overload). * *

SELinux — is it really too complex?

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| What I discovered is that part of SELinux’s current dilemma is more easily
| fixable than the other, because it has nothing to do with technological chops
| and everything to do with public perception. Jim Klein, the director of
| information services and technology at the California-based Saugus Union
| School District, put it best: “The biggest problem for SELinux is mindshare,” *
| Klein told me. “It developed a stigma early on due to the lack of tools for
| configuration and troubleshooting, which led people to simply turn it off.”
| Currently, Klein is one of the many IT guys who has the SELinux switch in
| the “off” position. * * *

SELinux vs. OpenBSD's Default Security

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| Darrin Chandler suggested, "security should not be grafted on, it should be
| integrated into the main development process. I'm sure the patch maintainers
| are doing their best, but this doesn't change the fundamental flaw in the
| process. It's not a flaw of their making, it's inherent in the situation. But
| it's still a flaw." * *

Is SE Linux only for Linux?

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| Sun is also apparently considering adding type-enforcement to Solaris. It’s
| yet to be seen whether this happens and if so whether it is compatible with
| SE Linux. *
| So it seems that a significant portion of the SE Linux code base is portable,
| and in particular the user-space code should port well. The interfaces for
| and methods labelling files etc should port well between platforms. Therefore
| I recommend not having SE Linux code split into Linux specific trees and
| instead having a compile option to enable SE Linux support. * *

RSBAC 1.3 Series Released

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| RSBAC, a European security solution similar to SELinux, has released
| the latest stable 1.3 series.

Five ways SELinux may surprise you

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| What you may not realize is all the ways SELinux is being applied to
| a variety of security challenges. Just because SELinux was initially
| developed by the military does not mean it is only useful to
| complicated security problems and large-budget organizations -- SELinux
| is for you too. And despite what you might have heard, you don't need to
| be an expert to reap the benefits of SELinux's powerful protection
| features.


What's new in SELinux for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5?

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| Lets take a look at SELinux, how it works, and what makes it effective.
| And why it should matter to you.