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This is a discussion on [News] Microsoft-Intel-Dell Kickbacks Loveaffair Still Alive - Linux ; Microsoft, Intel and Dell: The Tech Love Triangle ,----[ Quote ] | It is becoming well known that Microsoft have achieved their current market | share status by making major computer manufacturers sign licensing deals, so | as to distribute ...

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Thread: [News] Microsoft-Intel-Dell Kickbacks Loveaffair Still Alive

  1. [News] Microsoft-Intel-Dell Kickbacks Loveaffair Still Alive

    Microsoft, Intel and Dell: The Tech Love Triangle

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | It is becoming well known that Microsoft have achieved their current market
    | share status by making major computer manufacturers sign licensing deals, so
    | as to distribute a copy of Windows with every computer sold. What many people
    | don't realise, is how difficult it is to get a computer from the
    | manufacturers without Windows.
    | [...]
    | This is first-hand experience of the power of Microsoft's monopolistic
    | practices, and it really does annoy me. It seems not so long ago that I
    | praised Dell for their support, but along with Microsoft, they have now lost
    | a customer entirely.
    | Needless to say, we are now looking to buy a system from a local shop with no
    | OS.




    Investors sue Dell on payments from Intel: WSJ

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | An investor lawsuit seeking class-action status accuses Dell Inc. of
    | improper accounting in its relationship with chip giant Intel,
    | according to a media report published Thursday evening.
    | [...]
    | The suit alleges that Dell received at times as much as $1 billion
    | a year in "secret and likely illegal" kickbacks in the form of
    | "e-Cap" or "exception to corporate average pricing" payments"
    | from Intel to ensure that Dell used no other chip supplier,
    | according to The Journal.


    At Dell, Windows XP Home is $19 less than worthless

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Latitude D520N Duo (with FreeDOS): $984
    | Latitude D520 Dual Core (with Windows XP Home Edition SP2): $965


    Microsoft Shuts Down Linux 10 Years Ago Says Iowa Attorne

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Going back now to as early as 1998, Microsoft starts to realize that
    | Linux might pose a possible threat, and Vinod Valloppillil, who is
    | a program manager at Microsoft, is asked by Mr. Allchin, Jim Allchin,
    | to analyze potential strategies for combatting open-source software,
    | and specifically Linux.
    | His memos are leaked to the press in April -- I beg your pardon --
    | in October of 1998 and become known as the Halloween documents.
    | And the evidence will be that Microsoft uses its influence in the
    | OEM channel, the computer manufacture channel, to make sure that
    | end users have a difficult time buying PCs with Linux preinstalled.


    Microsoft's Dirty OEM-Secret

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | They are, in short the secret to Microsoft's success. And the word
    | secret is to be taken quite literally: No OEM may talk about the
    | contents of his contract, or he will lose his license, and (assumption)
    | likely be sued for breach of contract as well.


    Jury Hears Microsoft Competition Suit

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | A judge on Friday told jurors they must accept as fact that a
    | federal court found in 1999 that Microsoft holds a monopoly over
    | computer operating systems and that it restricted computer
    | manufacturers' ability to use competing systems.
    | [...]
    | She said she'll show that the company used its monopoly power
    | to exclude competition and control prices and that it conspired with
    | other companies to restrain trade, maintaining what she called a
    | chokehold on software competitors and computer manufacturers.


    Did Microsoft want to 'whack' Dell over its Linux dealings?


    Dell's secret Linux fling [sabotaged by Microsoft]


    Microsoft 'killed Dell Linux' - States


  2. Re: Microsoft and Intel in Collusion scheme? Re: Microsoft-Intel-Dell Kickbacks Loveaffair Still Alive

    ____/ Rex Ballard on Wednesday 21 November 2007 16:01 : \____

    > It will be interesting to see how much longer that site is available
    > to the public. *I would love to see a "plain text" transcript version
    > of these documents that could be more easily parsed by search engines
    > and tools.

    That's work in progress. The text will be more easily accessible (from more
    sources also) as time goes by. Don't worry about it ever going away. Au
    contraire -- it'll spread further.

    > This link is broken - do you have a cached version?
    > http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/061201/micro...rial.html?.v=1

    Yahoo only temporally holds articles. I can usually paste the headline and use
    the "I'm feeling lucky" facility in Googlebar to quickly get to the original.
    I think the Iowa articles are among the ones I could never find, but it's
    somewhere in AP's archives, as the URL structure suggests (December 1st, 2006
    is the date). Microsoft settled this case very quickly. It was scared.

    ~~ Best of wishes

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