Webconverger is a ready to run Web kiosk OS [Version 2.36 Released]

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| Excellent for public access Web kiosks, secure Internet Banking or simply any
| Web application!
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| Download the latest Webconverger 2.36 & Webconverger now has a blog!



Linux Internet Cafe Software Allows Multiple Users to Share Single Desktop

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| "We recently used the Linux Desktop Multiplier to deploy 2,205 desktops
| in 105 South African schools. We are pursuing 'Multiplied' SLED 10
| opportunities with other corporate, education and government customers
| who require large numbers of low-cost, high-performance desktops."
| "The Linux Desktop Multiplier enabled us to deliver a 12-user Internet
| cafe on two SLED 10 desktop computers at our BrainStormer UK event,"
| says Peter Atkins, Managing Director of MindWorks Inc Ltd.


Tip of the Trade: LiveKiosk

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| LiveKiosk is an ingenious Linux-on-bootable-CD that eliminates the need for
| a hard drive. It runs on any Pentium-II system or better -- just boot it
| up, and away you go. Because it's on a read-only disc and running Firefox
| on Linux, LiveKiosk cannot be altered or compromised.


Linux-based LiveKiosk offers low-cost browsing

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| What connects bikers thousands of miles away from home, customers waiting
| for a tire change, and technology conference attendees? All of them can
| check their email and surf the 'Net for free, with the help of Linux-based
| LiveKiosk.com.