Open source partnerships advance management tools

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| Open source management software has become a viable alternative to commercial
| products, and a recent rash of partnerships proves it, an analyst says.


CRM Partnership: Centric CRM Joins Red Hat Exchange To Broaden Business Use
Of Open Source Applications

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| Centric CRM joins over a dozen other open source application and
| middleware providers whose products are validated to run on Red
| Hat Enterprise Linux...

Red Hat bands with open-source allies

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| Red Hat, planning a new expansion beyond its core Linux operating system
| business, will launch a service later this year called the Red Hat Exchange
| to sell partners' open-source software.
| [...]
| "This is a big step in making Red Hat the hub of the open-source
| ecosystem, which I think is its rightful place," Asay said. "I
| think it's Red Hat finally exerting the kind of leadership it
| should have exerted years ago. (It) just a few months ago acted
| like it was Red Hat against the universe--open source or
| proprietary companies."