InformationWeek Lets Microsoft’s Bill Hilf Try To Scare You.. Yeah. Right.

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| Really, the best model that would work best for the software business, would
| be to get rid of software patents. It’s that simple. Oh, sorry, but that
| would take away a MAJOR method of threatening everything else which isn’t
| part of the “Microsoft Stack”, wouldn’t it.

Pastor in Microsoft 'gay rights' share bid

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| A black conservative Christian pastor of an evangelical megachurch has vowed
| to take over Microsoft by packing it with new shareholders who will vote
| against the company's policy of championing gay rights.

As absurd as it is, among some of the American community this will be bad
publicity for Microsoft (a scapegoat in this case).


Patent logic

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| Can one argue with this logic? The short answer is, yes. The sceptics
| say there is no scientific evidence that proves a link between
| innovation and patents. Besides, extended patent periods provide
| an opportunity for rent-seeking (through royalties). Also, while
| it has been argued that patents facilitate competition by
| encouraging the entry of start-ups, the critics opine that they
| mostly create short- or long-term monopolies.
| [...]
| In India, Linux is already making an inroad into "mission-critical"
| applications, especially in states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and
| Maharashtra. Meanwhile, IT majors like IBM (the world's largest
| holder of patents) and Sun Microsystems are doing a major rethink
| on patents and homing in on open-source technologies.

Gates blackmailed Danish government

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| Microsoft boss Bill Gates threatened to kill 800 Danish jobs if
| Denmark opposed the European Computer Implemented Inventions
| Directive, reports today's Danish financial daily Børsen,
| quoted by