Open Source Software Credibility In Line with Proprietary

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| Open source software (OSS) is not so much the underdog in the IT world,
| according survey findings announced by Barracuda Networks, a provider of
| e-mail and Web security appliances. Barracuda polled 288 IT security
| professionals and found their preferences to be roughly split on the
| likelihood of deploying OSS versus proprietary software, particularly for
| applications with similar functionality.

It's only natural to trust human-readable instructions more than 0s and 1s.


Open Source Security, Part 1: Securing Credibility

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| Based on the virus-hunting and removal performance, Morris's own tests led
| him to determine that ClamAV outperformed all the commercial products he
| tested. As a result, Untangle decided to go with ClamAV. *
| However, neither Morris nor Walters was happy about the unsettled debate over
| open source versus closed source security products. So Morris convinced
| Walters to take their tests further. *
| "We found that ClamAV was the quickest with the least drained resources. We
| also noticed that same thing with other types of open source security
| products," Morris said. "I didn't believe that open source was better. Now I
| do." *