"HangEveryRepubliKKKan" stated in post
Z970j.14630$9F1.7933@read1.cgocable.net on 11/16/07 11:11 PM:

> "Fraser Tweedale" wrote
>> HangEveryRepubliKKKan: Go do something constuctive with your time.
>> Your antics are not appreciated here, and your anti-Linux crusade is
>> achieving nothing.

> I'm only here to get an answer to one question.
> 300 days ago LinTards here and all over the net were making the claim that
> 2007 was going to be the end
> of Micosoft and that Linux was going to become in this year the standard OS
> for the desktop. It was further
> claimed that Vista would be an absolute catastrophe and the Linux would make
> tremendous gains in the desktop market.

Can you point to or at least quote one or two of these claims? Heck, if
they were "all over the net" maybe you can find half a dozen or so. Should
not be hard... right?
> Now, we see that in the last 300 days Vista has sold around 100 million
> copies, and that Linux has not only not achieved any presence on the
> desktop, but has acutally decreased in marketshare.
> So... What happened LinTard? How did YOOZERS go so spectacularly wrong?
> Is it still raining Gumdrops and lollypops in LinTard Land?