Seneca College and open source education

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| On the other hand, since Riehle's community open source projects (Linux,
| Apache, Eclipse, etc.) are cross-company by definition, a graduate of (say) a
| hypothetical "Linux University" would likely face minimal barriers moving
| between any of the companies involved in Linux kernel development; ditto for
| Apache, Eclipse, and (as noted above) Mozilla itself. This is especially true
| if the curriculum required students to invest a substantial amount of time in
| actively participating in the project in question (as Seneca's does).

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'Open source' public school philanthropy goes national

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| This "open source" approach to supporting public schools encourages teachers
| to be innovative and entrepreneurial.


Open Education Search

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| The initiative's goal is to build a comprehensive directory of open
| educational resources, encouraging their broader discovery and use. *

Berkman Center and CALI Partner to Create New Legal Education Resource

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| “We are looking forward to renewing a fruitful relationship with Harvard Law
| School through the Legal Education Commons project, which will provide
| innovative tools and access to open-licensed course materials to our more
| than 200 member law schools” said CALI Executive Director John Mayer. *

OpenCourseWare: Open Source at MIT

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| The Chinese translations come from Chinese Open Resources for
| Education (CORE), a consortium of China's top universities that
| has translated 110 MIT courses into Simplified Chinese, and
| Opensource OpenCourseWare Prototype System (OOPS), a volunteer
| organization that has translated 25 courses into Traditional Chinese.
| OCW materials have been translated into other languages as well,
| including French, German, Thai, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. Users
| can create their own translations provided they meet the permissions
| criteria of the Creative Commons license.

MIT Faculty and Libraries Refuse DRM; SAE Digital Library Canceled

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| SAE's DRM technology severely limits use of SAE papers and
| imposes unnecessary burdens on readers. With this technology,
| users must download a DRM plugin, Adobe?s "FileOpen," in order
| to read SAE papers. This plugin limits use to on-screen viewing
| and making a single printed copy, and does not work on Linux
| or Unix platforms.

MIT Rejects SAE's DRM Policy, Prompts Review

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| Following opposition by MIT, the Society of Automotive Engineers
| halted implementation of digital rights management controls aimed
| at restricting access to SAE documents.