Nouveau Very Close To Release?

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| Back in Nouveau Companion 30, we found out the Nouveau developers are getting
| very close to their first stable release. This first Nouveau driver release
| will include 2D, X-Video, and EXA acceleration across all NVIDIA graphics
| cards from the NV05 to NV4x.


Nouveau Companion 30

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| Once again, more than 2 weeks have passed and it is time for yet another
| issue of the TiNDC.
| So we are fighting to get a first "stable" release of nouveau out as soon as
| possible. This release will include 2D, Xv and EXA acceleration for all cards
| from NV05 to NV4x. Owners of NV04 won't get EXA due to hardware limitations,
| while NV5x cards (GeForce 8x00) won't get much more than working 2D and
| hopefully working mode setting for the common cases. * *

NVIDIA Releases Updated 2D "NV" Driver

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| NVIDIA's Aaron Plattner has pushed out a new update for their open-source
| 2D "nv" driver.

More RadeonHD Driver Commits

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| Yesterday there was a huge PLL fix for the Mobility R500 and R600 series for
| the RadeonHD driver along with some other changes and today is another batch
| of commits. *

AMD 8.41 Display Driver Preview

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| Whether you are using a Radeon X300 purchased a few years ago or the Radeon
| X1950PRO, the 8.41 driver is noticeably faster. How much faster? In many
| cases it is about 50% faster while in some configurations it may go as high
| as 90% or more. In fact, in some benchmarks the Mobility Radeon X300 was over
| 10x faster! * *

AMD Delivers Significant Graphics Performance and Compatibility Enhancements
for Consumer Linux Users

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| Moving forward, AMD also plans to accelerate efforts to address the needs of
| the open source community as well.
| "As client computing on Linux continues to grow so has our support and focus
| on delivering best-in-class performance and compatibility for our products,"
| said Ben Bar-Haim, vice president of software, Graphics Product Group at AMD.

NVIDIA: Got Specifications?

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| This past week AMD raised the Linux graphics bar by not only announcing their
| new fglrx graphics driver, which delivers Radeon HD 2000 support, immense
| performance improvements, and AIGLX, but it was accompanied by an
| announcement that they will be delivering specifications to the X.Org
| development community. These two announcements came after intense work
| internally at AMD and over a long period of time, but literally overnight it
| changed the minds of many Linux users on how they judge this company with its
| once notorious binary blob. AMD has really set a precedence for showing that
| a semiconductor company once criticized to no end with their proprietary
| software can update their views to assist and embrace the open-source Linux
| community while remaining competitive as a company in a triopoloy market.
| They have also thus reaffirmed that Linux is a viable desktop operating
| system. But the ball has now landed in NVIDIA's court. NVIDIA can either play
| ball by pushing forward with a similar effort, and then all of the big three *
| GPU manufacturers would be cradling an open-source strategy, or they may find
| themselves in trouble down the road. * * * * * * *

ATI: Linux vs. Windows Vista

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| Wow! We were completely blown away when our final results came in and the
| Linux 8.42.3 driver had outperformed Windows Vista with Catalyst 7.10 in
| Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It wasn't just a neck-and-neck race but Linux
| was about 10 frames per second faster when running at 1280 x 1024 and 1680 x
| 1050. * *

SL Speed Showdown: Linux Tops Windoze

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| This was not a scientific study - only a small test which confirmed what I
| thought I had "felt" already while using Second Life on my new PC.

[Microsoft MVP] Foray into Feisty Fawn helped me take back my MIPS

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| Long story short - World of Warcraft runs faster under Ubuntu/Wine than
| natively under Windows XP Professional.