A short look at gOS

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| So after downloading the gOS Live ISO onto my Debian Etch system I started
| Innotek’s VirtualBox, bound the freshly downloaded ISO as a CD-ROM, made a
| 4GB virtual hard disk image for installing it, gave that virtual computer
| 256MB of RAM, and started...


First look at Edubuntu 7.10

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| Edubuntu 7.10 is a linux distribution based on Ubuntu aimed at schools and
| teachers. As a new teacher I thought that I would take a look at what
| Edubuntu has to offer, and whether I think that I would use it in a school
| environment. I ordered a free cd from ShipIt, and as always this took a
| couple of weeks to arrive.



Edubuntu Linux Installation With Screenshots

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| Edubuntu is Ubuntu GNU/Linux customised for
| schools, containing additional applications
| for young human beings, administration tools
| for school management, and a built-in terminal
| server. Besides the standard software available
| on the Edubuntu CD, you will also find a world
| of software in the Edubuntu Universe, an on-line
| repository containing more than 10GB of community
| contributed software.


Edubuntu: Linux for education

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| In Venezuela, for instance, "there are several movements that were
| originated by a new law, Presidential Decree No. 3390, where all
| public institutions must use open source software," says Efrain
| Valles, a Venezuelan educator, Ubuntu user, and open source
| advocate. However, Valles says that uptake in the education
| sector is slow. "Our schools are just beginning to use
| computers. There is no one computer per classroom thing;
| remember, we are a Third World country. Technology is an
| import and very expensive, so the reach to schools is
| happening mainly because of stuff like Edubuntu."


Lessons Plans for Teachers Using Free and Open Source Software

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| This site is dedicated to collecting and cataloging lesson plans
| for classroom teachers interested in moving beyond mere document
| production and really tapping in to the promise of technology
| integration and education.


Tip of the Trade: Edubuntu

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| You can literally have an entire network up and and running in
| an hour.
| Edubuntu, like all good Linuxes, supports older hardware well.


Controlling and managing Edubuntu users' desktops

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| The community-driven Edubuntu project aims to create a version of Ubuntu
| specially tailored for use in primary and secondary education. Perhaps the
| most useful feature present in the Edubuntu OS is the Linux Terminal Server
| Project environment, whose applications are not limited just to eduction. * *


Gosh, gOS is good

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| I really liked gOS. It's a cute little system with lots of functionality and
| great looks. It works well and is fast and stable on my laptop. It should
| work on any computer that any other Linux supports. Enlightenment is an
| impressive desktop environment, and the iBar is a low-overhead way to blend
| cool effects with needed functionality. I think users will like it. * *


ReviewLinux.Com: gOS is worth looking into....

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| Everybody is going Green. I take a quick look at the new kid on the block.
| gOS 1.0.1 was released earlier this month and I take a short screenshot tour
| of this "Green" Linux OS. Check out the short flash video too.


gOS-live 1.0 386

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| Based on Ubuntu 7.10 Linux system with an Enlightenment E17 interface, the
| PC's productivity will be almost solely derived from Google applications
| accessed through Firefox: Mail, Calendar, News, Maps and Documents &
| Spreadsheets. It also comes with OpenOffice.org 2.2 and some other freeware
| Linux favorates.