Snaek Peek at Stacks for Awn

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| Stacks on Awn will get some more bling soon, as being discussed in this forum
| post(see pages 3+ of the post).

Watch the image. This particular feature is a copy, but AWN has unique

Unveiling the winners of the Oxygen contest for wallpapers

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| With the announcement of the Oxygen Wallpaper Contest in August, we, the
| Oxygen Team, intended to have the KDE community give the brand new KDE 4
| desktop its face - and the response was overwhelming! Artists and KDE
| enthusiasts submitted around 2000 high quality pictures, most of them being
| fantastic wallpapers.

Excellent gallery.


Awn Hover effects

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| Awn has lost of cool new hover effects being created so I will demonstrate
| them all here including the cpu monitor applet.
| The hover effects demonstrated in this video are:
| * * * Classic
| * * * Fade
| * * * Spotlight
| * * * Zoom
| * * * Squish
| * * * 3d Turn

Avant Window Navigator Effects

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| The new advanced and cool effects of the great linux-dock by NJPatel... *

AWN 3D Turn Icon Effect Video

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| As promised, a video of the new 3D turn icon effect in operation.

AWN Updates: New 3D Effect

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| AWN is developing so quickly that it is worthwhile updating and recompiling
| on a daily basis to see the changes. Today brought a new look for the
| Volume-Control-Applet and a new Icon effect: 3D turn. As you mouse over the
| icons they spin around their vertical axis. Below are a few screenies, but
| the 3D effect would be best to see in a video. I'm a bit time-strapped, so
| it's pictures only. But you'll get the idea. * *

Ubuntu Gutsy - AWN rocks!

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| I have played around with screenlets. Very nice, but nothing functional
| enough to grab me. But, AWN is something that looks good and I find very *
| useful.

Ready for a new K: an inside look at KDE 4.0

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| When I see how fast new contributors get productive,
| fixing bugs and asking questions on mailing lists - I know it’s working.
| It makes me feel stupid.

KDE 4 Screencast: Plasma and KGet interaction

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| While the KDE 4.0 release date was shifted the development behind the scenes
| goes on. Recently Javier Goday submitted patches to connect Plasma with the
| KDE download application KGet. He made two screencasts showing how KGet can
| use Plasma for its needs.