On 2007-11-16, HangEveryRepubliKKKan wrote:
> Ahahahaha.. Lets see if I get this Demented Lintard reasoning right.
> Vista is a failure becuase after 300 days after it's release, it only has
> 7.5% of the OS market while the Lintard OS, is a shashing success because

Well... considering the fact that for the last 20 or so years, before
the first release of Linux even, pretty much the entire PC market has
been a captive audience for Microsoft: HELL YES.

They have their customers trapped by data file format issues and
binary executable compatability issues and they have the vast majority
of PC hardware vendors preloading their crap and they still have problems
pushing it.

That's pretty darn sad.

It's all a matter of where you start out.

Vista is like a member of the Bush or Kennedy clan not being able
to get into an Ivy League school despite of all of the legacy entrance
BS that goes on.

> after 18 years after being released it has less than 2% (and falling) of the
> OS market.
> In Lintard Land, left is right, and up is down. Big is small and black is
> white.
> And that my little children is why Lintards will be capable of
> producing viable software.


It is not true that Microsoft doesn't innovate.

They brought us the email virus.

In my Atari days, such a notion would have |||
been considered a complete absurdity. / | \

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