Another New Twist on Open-Source VoIP

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| There's a feeling of inexhaustible energy radiating through the world of
| open-source VoIP. And the more we learn, the more we discover.

They just /use/ Linux and open source. It has become very common.


Linux dominating VoIP devices?

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| Trolltech says its development framework and software stack for mobile
| devices was selected by Skype as the preferred platform for Skype-certified
| VoIP (voice-over-IP) phones. Additionally, the Qtopia framework/stack has
| been used in about 40 VoIP devices, making it the "dominant Linux
| development platform for VoIP/WiFi devices," according to Trolltech.

Fonality, Trixbox, and is Microsoft Asleep at the Wheel Again?

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| So why is this big news? Trixbox is the distribution for telephony on
| Linux today. They have put together a vertical Linux distribution
| dedicated to telephony. It combines Asterisk with a web based
| interface backed by MySQL, integrated into the SugarCRM solution. As
| Redhat today is the LAMP of the IT Enterprise and Web Framework,
| (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP), Trixbox is the LAMP stack of the
| Telephony market, Linux , Asterisk, MySQL, Perl/PHP.