Delay hits Microsoft's WinHEC

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| With Windows Vista still choking, Microsoft could use the delay to allow a
| suitable time to elapse before it starts talking up the next "big thing" -
| Windows 7 (AKA Blackcomb then Vienna), the supposed successor to Windows
| Vista.

Windows 7 is XP SP4, aka Vista Enhanced Service Pack. Nothing revoluationary
like KDE 4 or Compiz-Fusion.

Didn't they cancel some XBox/developer event a couple of months?


Microsoft cancels X07 event

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| Microsoft's annual European event, called X07 this year, has been cancelled
| according to Aaron Greenberg - group product manager for Xbox 360 and Xbox
| Live. *

Putting lipstick on a cancelled PDC pig

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| With Microsoft not wanting to talk publicly about anything other than
| Windows Visa on the client side of the house, there might have been a
| serious dearth of content at PDC 2007.