Okay. Here's a rundown on Ubuntu 7.10 on this machine:

Wireless: works*
Ethernet: works*
Display: works
Touchpad: works
USB: works
Firewire: Works
SD Card Reader: Works with SD but not SDHC
Audio: Works
Webcam: Works
Suspend/Hibernation: Works
Headphone/Mic: Works

Built-in Mic: Doesn't work

Can't win them all......

* The utility will prefer wireless over wired. So if you plug in ethernet
but don't turn off the wireless from the switch, it won't change to wired
mode. And if you have a wired connection then activate the wireless from
the switch on the front, it'll disable the wired and switch to wireless.
In practicality, this is a good behaviour for the average user.

At the end of the day, this is a install-n-go deal. There is nothing that
doesn't work... except for the built-in mic, but I personally find those
useless which is why I have a headset/microphone combination.