OK, I've got a problem that's driving me nuts.

I'm running Fedora 3 on an old Dell laptop. I use Cygwin/X to remot
login to the Fedora box. I've got everything connecting just fine, an
have the latest updates to both Cygwin and Fedora. I can connect fro
any machine on the network to the Fedora box.

My problem is with menus when logging into the Fedora box from m
Cygwin install. When I login as a normal user, the KDE startup windo
shows the first character of the text at the bottom with a re
background. When KDE starts, the K menu shows a green backgroun
behind the hotkeys. The same thing happens with other K application
menu hotkeys, but oddly doesn't show up with Firefox.

After moderate use of the system (open a few windows, do a few thing
using the menu), the menu hotkeys are replaced with the string "&(!)"
with the green highlight in odd places. This string will be repeated
few times after more usage - for K applications, the menus will ge
larger and larger as this string is repeated in the menu command. M
only workaround is to logout and log back in - closing the apps an
restarting them does nothing.

Here's the really wierd part to me - if I login as root via the sam
connection, I have no menu problems. Everything appears as normal.
Running as root is a poor solution though.

I've tried everything I could with fontserver, but haven't found an
other accounts of this problem anywhere else (of course, Google-ing fo
"&(!)" does nothing, so maybe I'm missing something).

Any help, pointer, more info, would be greatly appreciated.


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