Sun Commits $2 Billion to Virtualization

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| At the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco this week, Sun
| Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz announced Sun's commitment of nearly $2
| billion to the launch of a new open-source virtualization platform.

Microsoft will meanwhile buy companies (or by them by proxy).


Virtualization: A feature of the hardware, not the OS?

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| "Even though Xen has been part of (Linux products) for a while, it's really
| just now getting ready for prime time," Haff said. "VMware is still very much
| the dominant player in virtualization." *

VMware Hypervisor Takes Up Residence in New Servers

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| "VMware is trying to get as broad of an installed base as it can in advance
| of the Linux and Microsoft initiatives because once you make a commitment to
| the VMware technology, you're going to be less likely to purchase something
| from Microsoft or Linux," Enck concluded. *

RedHat Thinks Software Should Come In A Virtual Machine

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| Wouldn’t it be nice if the enterprise software world were on board with your
| server virtualization efforts? Imagine downloading the latest version of
| PeopleSoft or Crystal Reports in a virtual server format that could be loaded
| on to VMware ESX and would just run – no installation, no configuration
| hassles, just instantiate and go. * *