I have got Munin up and running and even monitoring a remote computer.
However on the Dell laptop I have i82kutils installed that enables
monitoring of the CPU temp and this was automatically picked up by munin-
node-configure so CPU temp shows up fine. However on the main desktop
machine although I have lmsensors, etc all installed and temperature is
being read by all manner of applications, munin-node-configure won't pick
it up so won't graph CPU temp.

Also, I have installed the SMART utils like smartctl - should this allow
hdd temp monitoring as well? Munin is not picking up any hdd temp
capabilities either. And I wonder if the laptop hard drive (brand new)
will monitor it's temperature as well.

And I tried 'smart-notifier' that should present a graphical interface on
the SMART status of drives but nothing came up.

Any thoughts welcome..