Vista in danger of being bypassed by businesses

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| It will be one year that Windows Vista has been available to businesses on
| Nov. 30, yet many companies still are waiting until the release of Vista's
| first service pack to upgrade.

SPs won't offer any new features. Microsoft said it's just some bug fixes, not

Will Businesses Skip Windows Vista Altogether?

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| Users complain that Vista doesn't run well with older hardware -- either on
| PCs or with connected devices like printers that are a year or two old. Even
| on PCs that are supposedly meant to be optimized for Vista, there are still
| odd performance and compatibility issues with certain devices, applications
| and OS features that make using it a less than optimal experience.

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Poll: In a fight between Vista, OS X, Linux, XP...

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| Among readers at least, the most recent iteration of Windows -
| aka Vista - garnered just 14 per cent of the vote, making it less popular
| than both Mac OS X and Linux. *
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| Another reader - going by the name Richard A - said he was "shocked" at how
| slow the OS ran on a new Intel core duo Sony Vaio laptop. "Why anybody would
| willingly trade a stable and established XP environment for the wading though
| treacle experience of driverless Vista is quite utterly beyond me," he said,
| adding: "Granted, it has borrowed a few nice flourishes from the Apple Mac
| user interface but it really has little else to recommend it above XP. Apart
| from security, of course." * * *
| Neil Thatcher, an IT manager from the South East, summed up many readers'
| views with his Reader Comment: "The changes to Vista over XP are simply gloss
| and change for change's sake which translate as nothing more than
| annoyances." *
| Microsoft was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

Forrester Calls Desktop Linux a Credible Threat to Windows

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| Linux is becoming a credible threat to Windows on the desktop, and will grow
| over the next year as its distributors continue to work hard at making it an
| enterprise-class offering, research group Forrester predicts.
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| "The high volume of client inquiries for Linux on the desktop clearly
| indicates it's not going away any time soon. Expect Linux to experience
| growth over the next year as the distributors work hard to make it an
| enterprise-class offering,"

New Day Dawning for Desktop Linux?

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| Has the time for desktop Linux finally arrived? One relevant data point is
| that Wal-Mart has sold out of the Everex gPC, a Google-friendly, Linux-based
| PC priced at $199.


Vista Aiding Linux Desktop, Strategist Says *

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| For example, a number of companies have moved back to Windows XP after
| deploying Vista, Crawford said, before quoting Scott Granneman, an author, *
| entrepreneur and adjunct professor at Washington University in St. Louis, as
| saying, "To mess up a Linux box, you need to work at it; to mess up your
| Windows box, you just have to work on it." *

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| Okay, now lets tie this all back in together. Novell claimed several months
| back in a video ad that Desktop Linux users accounted for upwards of
| 30,000,000 different people. That's 30 million. Recent statements made by
| some Novell representatives indicate that they expect there are upwards of
| 50,000,000 Desktop Linux users. Microsoft has never contested the number of
| Desktop Linux users, and if anything the deal Microsoft signed with Novell
| was tacit agreement that Microsoft believed those numbers to be accurate.

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| "Linux is the default operating [system] on desktops and servers at major
| animation and visual effects studios, with maybe 98 percent [or more]
| penetration," CinePaint Project Manager Robin Rowe told LinuxInsider.

Linux Users Base More Than doubled Over Last One Year: Survey

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| The number of Linux users has more than doubled over the last one year, says
| a new survey by The survey also said Ubuntu remains their
| Linux distribution of choice.

Survey: Desktop Linux use grows

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|, which is a Web site devoted to, obviously, desktop Linux,
| has finished a survey that found more than a doubling of Linux desktop users
| in the past year.