Konquering the desktop with KDE

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| KDE shares so much familiarity to Windows. Some feel as if this was done
| intentionally because Microsoft just got the desktop metaphor right. Some, on
| the other hand, feel as if it was done because it was what users were
| accustomed to. At any rate, KDE did do many things correctly, and your users
| will feel right at home using the KDE GUI.


They still have "task bar", "system tray", and "Mac OS-style menu" as an
option. But it's totally customisable. Task bar I just always replace with
KasBar, system tray can be removed, and there are many more options that make
KDE anything you want it to be. By default, KDE is similar to Windows.


KDE Four Live v0.5 [Screenshots]

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| The third beta of KDE 4.0 was released this past week and today the KDE folks
| are out with KDE Four Live v0.5, which is based upon OpenSuSE. The KDE Four
| Live image contains all modules for KDE 4.0, KOffice 2.0 SVN, and other
| cutting-edge developments with v0.5 being the KDE 3.94.1 snapshot. At
| Phoronix we have taken a few screenshots to share from this very attractive
| desktop environment. * *


KDE 4 Beta 3 - Screenshot Tour

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| While I had some trouble testing the newest KDE 4 Beta release on my test
| machine, the KDE Four LiveCD works surprisingly well. According to Stephan
| the version used on this LiveCD is KDE 4 Beta 3 plus a set of recent patches. *