The Ubuntu Hype Hits a SuSE User

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| What also worries me, is openSUSEs close link to Novell. The integration of
| zmd is such an example.


SCO Basing Strategy on Groklaw Commentary

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| Embattled “software” company SCO (NASDAQ: delisted) has been formulating its
| legal and corporate strategy by reading the popular website Groklaw, and
| doing the exact opposite of what readers suggest.

....Turns out that SCO resellers are currently moving to GNU/Linux /en masse/.
Good news. Lots more momentum.


SCO, the Verb

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| The sad part of all of this is that Microsoft learned no lesson from
| their misadventures with The SCO Group. It is not a logical or
| healthy business practice to threaten to sue your own customers,
| and as Microsoft well knows, most Linux customers are also
| Microsoft customers.
| And why does Microsoft do this? Don't most holders of IP who think
| someone's software is infringing go after the vendor producing the
| allegedly infringing code? I will leave you to ponder the possibilities.

A five year deal with Microsoft to dump Novell/SUSE

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| Wake up little SUSE, Wake up. No, that's not good enough. Wake up
| SUSE customers, wake up. Novell is jeopardizing the future of Linux
| for its own short-term rewards. If you want to see Linux flourish,
| let alone survive after Novell's five year deal with Microsoft
| expires, I suggest we make an alternative five year deal with
| Microsoft.