RHEL just tripled the size of its ISV ecosystem!

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| Through that series of announcements, Red Hat is lining up its complete RHEL
| strategy and making it clear that it can fit all deployment scenarios -
| traditional or emerging - through the exact same RHEL bits. That proves the
| flexibility of RHEL as a distribution and also factually multiplies the size
| of RHEL’s ecosystem by further enabling all existing RHEL’s ISV on two new
| emerging scenarios, Virtual Appliances and Cloud Computing. While that might
| seem like a trivial statement, it is far from the truth. Just look at VMWare
| for example: while they are getting great traction in the virtualization
| field, it is going to be very difficult for them to enter the two emerging
| fields discussed above, as they have a pretty much empty ISV ecosystem today.
| And you don’t build an ISV ecosystem overnight (you can partner with one or
| acquire one, but not build one overnight).


Red Hat aims to remake server messaging

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| Red Hat plans to begin a private beta test of new open-source messaging
| software next month, hoping to shake up a section of the server market
| currently dominated by proprietary rivals and give the Linux seller a new
| revenue source.


That would be very disruptive.


Red Hat, Research In Motion lead early tech gains

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| Red Hat, Research In Motion lead early tech gains Red Hat Inc. shares rose 66
| cents, or 3.7%, to $19.60 after the open-source software developer on Tuesday
| reported a 65% increase in its second-quarter earning due to strong sales of
| its Linux operating system software.


Red Hat sees FY07 greater China sales up 100 pct

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| Red Hat Inc., a distributor of open-source Linux software, expects its
| sales in the greater China region to double in fiscal 2007 and grow by
| 85 percent in fiscal 2008, an executive said on Tuesday. "Our plan is to
| have 100 percent growth this year, and 85 percent growth next year,"
| Michael Chen, general manager of Red Hat China, told Reuters in an
| interview.