Why does Larry Ellison have a Red Hat fetish?

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| Larry doesn't understand open source. This isn't surprising since the people
| who report to him apparently don't, either (though I don't include Mike Olson
| in that crowd - he's a victim of golden handcuffs :-). Oracle desperately
| wants open source to be "just another tool" that it uses for IT domination.
| It's not. It actually has the opposite effect.
| Oracle just can't grok this.
| It wants to own the Linux kernel. It can't. It wanted to own JBoss. It
| couldn't. Open source is about controlling through sharing, but Oracle
| doesn't do the "share" thing very well.
| And so we'll have to sporadically endure Mr. Ellison's ego pronouncing
| himself god of the Linux world, despite his Linux business being so anemic
| that he won't break out its numbers. If the numbers are so great, report
| them, Mr. Ellison. (Having said this, it's important to note that Oracle
| stopped breaking out revenue by product line many years ago.)


Ellison: 'Fusion Must Coexist'

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| Ellison also acknowledged Red Hat's growth in "a healthy market" for both
| companies. "We're also doing something Red Hat isn't, which is shipping
| Oracle VM underneath our Linux offering so there is a single stack of code.
| If you have applications that run on Red Hat, it will run unchanged on
| Oracle's enterprise software."


Still very selfish, but they at least increase the market share of Linux and
help OIN fight Microsoft's anti-Linux patent plot.


PANTA Systems Sets Industry Record TPC-H One Terabyte Clustered Benchmark
Result Running Oracle with Linux

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| This is both the fastest and best price/performance TPC-H One TB
| result for clustered environments.


Oracle Sets World Record for Two-Tier SAP(R) Sales and Distribution Standard
Application Benchmark Running Linux on Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 580 Server

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| Running Linux on a Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST(TM) 580 server with 32 Dual-Core
| Intel Itanium 1.6 GHz processors, Oracle Database 10g achieved 12,500 SAP
| SD Benchmark users, delivering 40 percent more performance than
| Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on identical hardware, as measured by the
| number of benchmark users.


RedHat Thinks Software Should Come In A Virtual Machine

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| Wouldn’t it be nice if the enterprise software world were on board with your
| server virtualization efforts? Imagine downloading the latest version of
| PeopleSoft or Crystal Reports in a virtual server format that could be loaded
| on to VMware ESX and would just run – no installation, no configuration
| hassles, just instantiate and go. * *


Virtualization: A feature of the hardware, not the OS?

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| "Even though Xen has been part of (Linux products) for a while, it's really
| just now getting ready for prime time," Haff said. "VMware is still very much
| the dominant player in virtualization." *