Fedora 8 Everything Spin Released!

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| The Fedora Unity Project is proud to announce the release of a new Everything
| Spin based on Fedora 8.
| The Fedora Unity Project is proud to announce the release of new spin, the
| Everything Spin. Included in this spin are all the packages available at the
| time Fedora 8 was released.


Fedora 8 Test Drive

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| I’m very happy with this Fedora release and the new Gnome is very promising
| and it’s extremely easy to use without separating the user from going deep
| into the system if he likes to. It has multiple “spins” (flavors) and you can
| create your own custom spin with a nice tool. for me it’s very stable till
| now and it has solved my DVD burner I/O problems completely and it saved
| power “GREATLY”. it stays running on my 12-Cell battery for 5:30 hours!
| Thanks for “powertop” from Intel for its utility and great thanks for the
| tickless kernel.



Ubuntu outsells Vista Ultimate on Amazon

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| Ubuntu ranks #32 in sales, Windows Vista Ultimate ranks #93.
| If you guys want free chairs, you should check out the Redmond parking lot.


Ubuntu Ultimate Edition

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| It seems the folk over at Ubuntu Software have released an ultimate
| edition of Ubuntu which is aptly called Ubuntu Ultimate Edition.


Create DVDs with All of Ubuntu's Packages

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| The script promises to generate 4 DVD images (.iso files), and might
| require as much as 30 GB of hard disk space.


Critics: Vista Ultimate's promised add-ons just broken promises

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| Trouble is, according to critics like Scott Dunn, an editor with
| the popular "Windows Secrets" newsletter, Microsoft hasn't followed
| through. Since January, when Vista was released to consumers, no new
| finished Extra have been offered to Ultimate users.


Ubuntu Ultimate Edition CD 1.4 (Code Name: Gnarly Gnome)

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| The version 1.4 (Gnarly Gnome) of what their creators have named
| "Ubuntu Ultimate Edition" is now released.


Ubuntu Ultimate Edition [Version 1.3 Just Released]

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| Due to the popularity of Ubuntu Christmas Edition (~15,000
| downloads in 2 weeks) 1.2 has seen over 50,000 in 3 days.



10 Days With Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

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| Ok, it's been ten days since I installed Microsoft Windows Vista
| Ultimate Edition on a basic Compaq laptop and its time to talk about
| how things went. Did the world end? Am I ready to run to Linux
| screaming yet? Maybe, read on to find out what?s good and what's
| bad with Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.
| [...]
| Overall Windows Vista is most definitely a strong effort by
| Microsoft to replace Windows XP. Unfortunately thanks to many of
| the problems I ran into over the last 10 days I can't recommend
| it for anyone but early adopters or those who don't mind finding
| work-arounds for these types of problems. Ultimately Windows
| Vista does remind me of the ill-fated Windows Millennium
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
| product in that it is not really a new product at all but
| mainly a refresh of a previous one. Does it look better? Sure.
| Is it faster? Only for those with the right hardware. Is it ready
| for prime time and corporations? That depends on how brave they
| are! But after 10 days, my recommendation is still to wait.
| Microsoft will fix most of these issue with time and then maybe
| Vista will be worthy replacement for Windows XP.