First, if this ends up being a second posting--I apologize. I tried
posting via google, but is wasn't working, so now I'm posting via my
ISP's news server and this is the first time I've posted NOT using

I finally tracked down this problem I've had: when I have a usb mouse
plugged in, my custom driver module doesn't load when I plug in my
custom HID device. The hid driver gets it instead.

I need to ensure my driver/module is loaded before hid so it's probe
function gets called first. I found a /etc/sysconfig/kernel file with
an environment variable, MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT. Is that the correct
way? Or should I be modifying something else (adding modprobe to some
startup script)?

Specifics: SUSE 9.1 with kernel upgraded to 2.6.5-7.111