A magazine about free software, made with free software

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| Linux community members use Inkscape, OpenOffice, and other free tools to
| create a PDF magazine for readers in the former Yugoslav countries.


Games, publishing, audio and film can all be handled by Free/Libre Open Source
software (more examples below).


Peach Open Movie

,----[ Quote ]
| As a follow-up to the successful project Orange's "Elephants Dream",
| the Blender Foundation will initiate another open movie project.
| Again a couple of the best 3D artists and developers in the Blender
| community will be invited to come together to work in Amsterdam on
| completing a short 3D animation movie.


Crystal Space 3D

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| Crystal Space is our main project. It is a free cross-platform
| software development kit for realtime 3D graphics, in particular games...
| Apricot is the Open Game project together with Blender.