PCFluxboxOS: Mini of PCLinuxOS

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| PCFluxboxOS is a light-weight, PCLinuxOS-based distribution with Fluxbox as
| the window manager. PCFluxboxOS is a beautiful little remaster series of
| PCLinuxOS with Fluxbox as the window manager.
| [...]
| TinyFlux 1.0 Final out now!



ReviewLinux.Com: TinyME Packs a Big Punch

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| TinyME Test 6 was announced today on Distrowatch.Com and we thought we would
| take a quick look at it. This little distro packs a big punch and we enjoyed
| the ride. Take a short look at our Flash Video of TinyME Linux based on the
| user friendly PCLinuxOS. *


TinyMe Test 5 released!

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| The changes for test 5 are almost too numerous to mention. This will
| hopefully be our last test release before TinyMe Final.


TinyMe - The little distro that could

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| This derivative version of PCLOS really is a tiny little gem that's slowly,
| but surely growing into a much bigger diamond. *I look forward to the
| eventual final release of this distribution in the near future. *


Mini Review of a Tiny PCLOS

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| TinyMe is a scaled down version of PCLinuxOS 2007. The latest version
| is delivered as a 177 MB liveCD and features the Lightweight X11
| Desktop Enviroment, Synaptic, and the PCLinuxOS Control Center. It
| comes with a few applications, so it could be a really light version
| of PCLOS for older computers or a foundation on which to build your
| own system as you choose.


Fluxbox Window Manager Reaches v1.0

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| Fluxbox, the window manager based upon Blackbox, has reached version 1.0.0.
| Fluxbox 1.0 introduces a new default style, new alternate styles, fixed shape
| handling, added a fluxbox-remote utility, and updated languages.


A weekend with fluxbox.

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| My biggest problem with using fluxbox is not fluxbox itself. I wanted it to
| be able to save some resources for my aging computer but I still needed to
| use KDE programs. So I checked my resource usage with pure KDE and then with
| fluxbox and KDE programs. There was no difference in resource usage. * *


Fluxbox on Gutsy, just to be different

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| Just for giggles, I installed Fluxbox on Gutsy today ... which isn't
| really very daring, since the repositories have only been open for
| a day or two, and there?s very little in there that has changed.


Fluxbuntu - Light weight Ubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring Fluxbox
window manager

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| Fluxbuntu is a light-weight, standards-compliant, Ubuntu-based Linux
| distribution featuring the Fluxbox window manager.The project's primary
| goal is to develop an operating system that would run on a wide range
| of mobile devices and computers, both low-end and high-end.Recently
| since they started development on the PowerPC Architecture they also
| started development on support for the sony Playstation 3.
| Fluxbuntu now Officially supports most of the major architectures
| plaforms: i386, PowerPC, AMD 64bit & Intel 64bit and Itanium 64bit.