ARC Rides Embedded Linux Wave into Home Media Servers and Converged Mobile

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| ARC is optimizing, delivering, and directly supporting versions of Embedded
| Linux 2.6, and GNU tools based on GCC 4.2 and future versions. Now ARC
| customers can access the latest versions of open source software and direct
| support from the people who are the best at developing software for ARC
| platforms. These technologies can be used in combination with the growing
| amount of application specific middleware and software based on the GNU/Linux
| platform.


Linux is de facto OS for TV set-top boxes

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| "The major chipset manufacturers are introducing new Linux platforms
| almost monthly," said Ken Helps, managing director of Ocean Blue Software.
| The attraction is that the Linux operating system will support
| advanced functions without requiring a license fee.

Interact-TV Unveils the T2 Media Server With Over 2 Terabytes of Media

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| Interact-TV has unveiled the T2 Media Server, a new generation of
| Linux Media Center that includes high-definiton 720p Component
| video output, all new MPEG2 video encoding, and over 2.25
| Terabytes of media storage in one compact device ideal for any
| stereo cabinet, entertainment center or home theater.

Interact-TV Unveils MyTellyHD Media Server

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| Interact-TV has unveiled the MyTellyHD, a quiet, compact Linux
| Media Center that includes high-definiton 720p Component video
| output, Gigabit Ethernet and upscaling of all video and DVDs to
| full HD resolution.

Device Profile: Russound SMS3 home media server

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| Whole-house stereo specialist Russound used embedded Linux as the basis of
| its first media server. The SMS3 is a hard-drive-based media server for
| standalone or multi-zone use.

Linux-Based Media Servers Developer Interact-TV Unveils New ProTelly
Product Line

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| Interact-TV , developer of Linux-based media servers, unveiled the
| ProTelly product line which offers enhanced Home Entertainment
| Servers designed and configured exclusively for the growing CEDIA
| market.