Open source may be the winner in the consumerization of IT

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| One thing is clear: the old world of bloated enterprise applications is
| changing. Perhaps the shift away from enterprise software has more to do
| enterprise software companies wasting the time, attention, and intelligence
| of enterprise IT departments with bloated, expensive, and poorly written
| software. Enterprise software does not need to be as bad as it is. It can be
| more like Google. Like Flickr. Like anything except what it is.

Day Software Ushers Open Source Devs into the Fold

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| Global CMS and content infrastructure purveyor Day has added a handful of
| major contributors, from the annals of open source, to its senior developer
| team.


Microsoft to partners: It's time to change

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| Aiming to rally its partners around the reality of hosted software, Microsoft
| Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner told them it was a matter of financial
| life and death. *

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| Microsoft has warned Google to steer clear of corporate search,
| declaring that the market is "our house"....
| "Those people are not going to be allowed to take food off our plate,
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| because that is what they are intending to do."

Microsoft ties Windows Live services to OS in updates

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| Microsoft is tying its Windows Live services directly to its Windows OS.


Ozzie: Vista, Office must adapt to Web era

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| Ozzie said that the transition to integrate online services into Microsoft
| products has been a challenge but that changes within the company are
| happening.

Will Web 2.0 ultimately kill Windows?

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| *Allchin shared his thoughts on Windows Live (which, along with Windows and
| developer tools also falls under his organization); competition with Google
| and Apple; and why a client-based version of Windows won?t ever completely
| disappear, regardless of how successful Web services become.