KDE Commit Digest :: Amarok

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| Album grouping in the new playlist
| Earlier this year, Ian Monroe did a lot of exciting work on laying down the
| basics of a new kind of playlist for Amarok 2 as a part of his Google Summer
| of Code project. The new playlist aims at being much more graphical in its
| expression, and allow for greater customizability of the info displayed for
| each track. Also, the old column based playlist required a large amount of
| horizontal space, and one of the goals o the new design was to make the
| playlist less wide. One response we heard quite a bit in connection with the
| development screenshots we posted, was the each track in the new playlist
| took up too much vertical space. So in an attempt to overcome this problem in
| many use cases. I experimented a bit with displaying an an album as a
| cohesive group. This has the advantage that you only need to show the
| information common to all the tracks in the album once, allowing each track
| to take up much less space.


Lots more of activity at the moment (see commits). I installed KDE 4 alongside
KDE 3.5 yesterday. It's not just lipstick on a puppy (unlike Vista, which is
definitely lipstick... on a pig).

Enable Compiz-Fusion for KDE in Fedora 8


Fedora 9 will have KDE 4.


KDE Four Live v0.5 [Screenshots]

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| The third beta of KDE 4.0 was released this past week and today the KDE folks
| are out with KDE Four Live v0.5, which is based upon OpenSuSE. The KDE Four
| Live image contains all modules for KDE 4.0, KOffice 2.0 SVN, and other
| cutting-edge developments with v0.5 being the KDE 3.94.1 snapshot. At
| Phoronix we have taken a few screenshots to share from this very attractive
| desktop environment.


KDE 4 Beta 3 - Screenshot Tour

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| While I had some trouble testing the newest KDE 4 Beta release on my test
| machine, the KDE Four LiveCD works surprisingly well. According to Stephan
| the version used on this LiveCD is KDE 4 Beta 3 plus a set of recent patches. *


KDE 4 and the User Experience

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| By contrast, KDE 4 is high-gloss fresh from the CD. With a color palette that
| is a little bit Vista, and widgets and icons that are a little bit GNOME or
| OS X with their shading and perspective and clean lines, KDE 4 is a radical
| departure visually from its predecessors. *
| Start moving around the desktop, and you'll notice the same scalable vector
| graphics used for the icons have also started transforming KDE applications,
| including many of the games. You'll also notice a considerable increase in
| speed, apparently thanks to the new 4.3 Qt libraries -- even when running
| from a live CD. * *


[KDE Digest - Raptor]

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| One part of the vision of the Raptor team is to create a menu that combines
| the strengths of 3 ways to launch programs:
| * * * The overview one has with menus.
| * * * The speed one has by using console (if one knows the name).
| * * * The possibilities of the search capabilities a system can offer.
| As a launch menu is often used, it is a very visible element of a desktop
| system. Thus, our vision includes an “eye-candy”, beautiful presentation of
| this central launch menu. *


[KDE 4] More on Raptor

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| Lately I have been researching a lot on usability and mostly the merits of
| Fitt's Law, the more I studied this law the more I believe that Raptor's
| approach to the issue is fundamentally correct. *


Raptor! join the fun.

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| What is raptor? Raptor is a an amazing project i have been working in the
| last few days. It trays to be a fresh new way of finding your desktop
| applications, and interacting with its users. *


KDE4 is Very Attractive

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| KDE4 will be a big step towards an enterprise software business based on free
| software. The software on the big servers is there already, the desktop is
| next. - kdedevelopers blogs *


I have been playing with KDE lately.

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| You know what though? Don’t tell Gnome, but KDE seems to be a little bit
| bouncier, springier and responsive. KDE seems to let me pick and choose my
| experience just a little bit more. *