Red Hat Exchange gets appliance, services boost

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| The way this ties into RHX is that a wide range of software applications on
| Red Hat Exchange (RHX) are already available for trial and purchase as
| pre-configured software appliances.

Conference coming:

Open source summit coming to Boston

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| A large annual conference for open-source software enthusiasts will be held
| in Boston next year.
| [...]
| The open-source software movement promotes software that permits users to
| use, change, and improve it and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified
| form.


Virtual appliances spawn new class of Linux distros

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| Traditionally, vendors have based appliances on Linux by preconfiguring their
| software on a dedicated x86 server. For instance, open source networking
| specialist Vyatta Inc. sells networking appliances with router, firewall and
| virtual private network software on a Dell Inc. PowerEdge server. *


Openbravo Partners with rPath to Build ERP Software Appliance

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| This step reflects Openbravo's commitment to building the Openbravo Network,
| a support contract for Openbravo ERP applications, due to be launched in
| November.

Virtualization is hot because Windows is not.

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| Like many frustrated Unix weenies I bear a long standing resentment for the
| way Microsoft simply obliterated the enterprise server market back in the mid
| 90’s. Whether your favorite flavor was Solaris, HPUX, AIX, or IRIX (mine!) a
| Unix guy grew up with things like reliability, uptime, shared resources,
| multitasking, simple interface and openness.

rPath Launches Certified Software Appliance Architect Curriculum

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| Customers are demanding simpler methods of purchasing, using,
| and managing applications. Software vendors are satisfying
| this demand through software appliances, delivered in either
| virtual machine or physical hardware formats.

Open source ERP in a box

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| Openbravo has announced that it is teaming up with rPath to build an ERP
| software appliance for small and medium businesses, with the aim of
| simplifying deployment and ongoing maintenance. *