Sun joins virtualisation fray with xVM

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| XVM consists of two components: xVM Server, a hypervisor with support for
| Linux, Solaris and Windows guest operating systems; and xVM Ops Center, a
| management console. The Ops Center project will be released under the open
| source GPLv3 license, and Sun has set up a community site at
| [].


GPL3 welcomed by IBM, Red Hat, Novell, MySQL

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| The GPL is the most widely used license in the open-source realm. More
| than 30,000 projects, which is about 66 percent of the open-source
| projects tracked by the Freshmeat site, use the GPL.

Signal and Noise in GPLv3

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| In an email to me last month, Linus Torvalds, who has been portrayed in the
| media as GPLv3's main opponent, describes the language that he and other use
| on the Linux kernel mailing list as "blunt, to the point, and not very
| polite." When journalists quote pieces of it, he notes, often "the context of
| that language is then lost entirely" -- and he adds that "it's not just the
| text of the thread itself that is the context; the context is also how
| technical people discussing things amongst each other is in itself a very
| different context than a trade magazine article."

Why does Microsoft seem scared of GPLv3?

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| Microsoft is extremely keen to avoid "legal debate" over whether its recent
| partnerships with Linux firms such as Novell, Xandros, and Linspire, mean
| Redmond must assume any of the new licenses' legal obligations.

Microsoft disses GPLv3 (and rocketman Kirk)

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| This is Thursday's IT Blogwatch: in which Microsoft squirms out of GPLv3's
| clutches, perhaps.

The Badger Game

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| So, by threatening everything and promising nothing (because would Microsoft
| really sue anyone for patents, knowing how many competitors in the Linux
| community have patents of their own?), Microsoft has skillfully managed to
| get open source players to endorse Open XML. A variant of the classic Badger
| Game if I ever heard one.
| Faced with cons like this, I am beginning to realize that having something
| like the GPLv3 around is a very good idea. Even though the new GPL could not
| have prevented this scam, it may help in the future.