Winners and Losers in Dell Deal with Sun

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| Sun has really changed its tune from back in 2003, when it was dismissing
| Dell, Linux and open source. Today, Sun sells Red Hat and Novell Linux, has
| open-sourced both its main operating system, OpenSolaris and programming
| language, Java, and, yes, Sun is now partnering with Dell.

Dell to Offer Sun's Solaris, OpenSolaris in Servers

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| Erstwhile bitter rivals Dell and Sun Microsystems are set to announce that
| Sun's Solaris and OpenSolaris operating systems will be supported in all of
| Dell's servers.


Morton: no merging of OpenSolaris with Linux

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| Don’t expect to see key features of OpenSolaris showing up in the Linux
| kernel, said a top Linux maintainer.

Solaris can never be Linux

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| Things haven't changed much at Sun. When Sun launched its
| OpenSolaris project in 2005 it used the Common Development and
| Distribution Licence - which is incompatible withb the GPL - and
| some system code was not released.