SplashTop Source Code Released

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| These patches are for Bootsplash,
| DVM, getting the CMOS time, adjusting the max loop, the sk98lin networking
| driver, and SquashFS. Presently, the Linux kernel that SplashTop uses is
| Linux


SODIMM-sized SBC gains Linux following

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| The Colibri Dev Corner is currently available here. In addition to news,
| patches, forums, and Wikis, the site hosts patches to support recent Linux
| kernels, patches to support new hardware, and a new rootfs based on Gentoo
| Linux.


Bug Fixing and Kernel Code Quality

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| "This is the listing of the open bugs that are relatively new, around 2.6.22
| and up. They are vaguely classified by specific area," Natalie Protasevich
| said, posting a current list of bugs each linking to an appropriate
| bugzilla.kernel.org entry.



Linux contributor base broadens

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| With more companies funding Linux work, the core hackers now delegate
| 70% of the coding


40 feet of kernel developers

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| OveQuoter 40 feet long, hopefully I can find a wall that long for people to
| be able to look at the thing...
| I also uploaded the PDF files if others want to try their hand at printing
| this monstrosity out.


Linux Symposium 2007 - a summary

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| Greg Kroah-Hartman has been digging through the kernel source repositories
| for statistics much like your editor has. The resulting numbers are similar,
| though Greg has cranked through the full 2+ years of history in the mainline
| git repository and, thus, has a longer-term sort of view. Among other things,
| he concluded that, in that time, the kernel developers have averaged almost
| three changes per hour - every hour - during that time. About 2000 lines of
| code are added every day. That is a pace of development which is matched by
| few - if any - projects anywhere in the world. Greg also notes that the
| number of developers involved is growing with each release. This, he says, is
| a good sign; the kernel community is bringing in new developers, important to
| keep the process healthy.