Mobile operating systems: First thoughts on Access Linux Platform

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| All in all, my first impressions of ALP were positive. It seems to offer the
| features it needs to replace the current version of the Palm OS, which isn't
| hard, considering how woefully out of date Palm OS Garnet is.


Eeextremely Eeenticing: a review of the Asus Eee PC

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| The Asus Eee PC challenges many conventional assumptions about mobile
| computing. The daring, diminutive device combines a svelte subnotebook form
| factor with a unique Linux software platform and a budget-friendly price—
| factors that could make this unprecedented product a mainstream marvel. Last
| week, my colleague Jon described the Eee PC as game-changing: a
| characterization that we will put to the test in this review.


Access Linux Platform (ALP) First Thoughts

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| Like its rival being developed by Palm, Inc., ALP (Access Linux Platform) is
| a Linux-based operating system for smartphones capable of running Palm OS
| applications. *
| Access Systems (formerly PalmSource) is in the process of trying to drum up
| interest among potential ALP licensees, and couple of people from the
| company -- Albert Chu and Brian Purdy -- gave me a demonstration. *


PalmSource Now Called Access

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| Access will now fully absorb PalmSource, as it continues to sell the Palm
| OS for mobile handsets against competition like Microsoft's Windows
| Mobile and Symbian's OS.