LNXI Announces Validation and Performance EngineeringTM, a Continuous Solution
Development Process for the High-Performance Computing Market

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| Linux Networx, an award-winning provider of Linux-based, production-ready
| High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, is pleased to announce its
| Validation and Performance Engineering (VPE) Solution Development Process
| for the mid-market HPC computing space.


SGI Unveils Visual Supercomputing Strategy

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| The hybrid solutions enable the best use of varied SGI Visual Supercomputing
| technologies, while a range of tools, utilities and applications allow users
| to easily manage workloads within a unified Linux environment.


Linux market share keeps climbing in this sector.


Blade Servers Make It to the Top HPC Sites

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| Linux has ruled the Top 500 list for quite some time, and the advent of a
| Windows alternative from Microsoft has not, as yet, changed that. Linux is
| the sole operating system on 426 of the 500 machines in the November ranking,
| or 85.2 percent of the machines, and is also usually the other operating
| system in the 34 hybrid platforms that make up another 6.8 percent of
| machines on the list. * * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^