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This is a discussion on [News] Fedora Redefines Distros and Forks, Use Counting Attempts Begin - Linux ; Spinning a New Kind of Distro ,----[ Quote ] | This, then, will be the differentiator between Fedora and the *buntu family. | If Fedora's spins can be more quickly adapted to individual needs, then it | will have a ...

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Thread: [News] Fedora Redefines Distros and Forks, Use Counting Attempts Begin

  1. [News] Fedora Redefines Distros and Forks, Use Counting Attempts Begin

    Spinning a New Kind of Distro

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | This, then, will be the differentiator between Fedora and the *buntu family.
    | If Fedora's spins can be more quickly adapted to individual needs, then it
    | will have a potentially significant advantage over the *buntu family. As good
    | as the *buntus are, creating custom versions of them would be slower than
    | Fedora's spin process.
    | The real question is, however, is such an advantage something that will make
    | Fedora more attractive? Time will tell.


    Smolt passes the 200k entries mark

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Almost all machines are still Fedora machines by now since other
    | distributions haven’t picked up the tool - yet.



    Desktop OS- Vista vs. Linux

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | Okay, now lets tie this all back in together. Novell claimed several months
    | back in a video ad that Desktop Linux users accounted for upwards of
    | 30,000,000 different people. That's 30 million. Recent statements made by
    | some Novell representatives indicate that they expect there are upwards of
    | 50,000,000 Desktop Linux users. Microsoft has never contested the number of
    | Desktop Linux users, and if anything the deal Microsoft signed with Novell
    | was tacit agreement that Microsoft believed those numbers to be accurate. * * *
    | [...]
    | Now, Microsoft reported back in July that 60 million copies of Vista had been
    | sold. Now start subtracting the crossgrades to Xp that are not counted as
    | sales, and the 3-1 to ratio of Xp to Vista sales. Now, I'm not confident in
    | my mathematics, but right now the best I can come up with is a realistic
    | install base of around 40 million. * *
    | Yes. Desktop Linux Marketshare... is larger than Vista.


    How many Linux desktop users are there?

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | So it is that Cherry asks that, "If desktop Linux market data is important to
    | you or your company, please become involved in the statix project and in the
    | deployment of this tool on every distro. I realize that market data can be a
    | double-edged sword, so distro vendors should get those issues on the table
    | early." * *


    Hard to track Linux stats

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | "The characteristic of open source software is that it is freely available on
    | the network. People are encouraged to download it, use it as many times as
    | they want, modify it to fit their needs, of course, depending upon the open
    | source license." *


    Smolt profiles distro hardware use

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | For instance, according to the publicly available stats, 78% of respondents
    | were running Pentium IIIs or equivalents, and 20% x86_64. The dominant
    | language used was US English at 67%, with Japanese a distant second at 6.1%.
    | 34% were running systems with less than half a gigabyte of RAM, 37% were
    | using half to a gigabyte, and 24% over two gigabytes. * *


    ,----[ Quote ]
    | "Linux is the default operating [system] on desktops and servers at major
    | animation and visual effects studios, with maybe 98 percent [or more]
    | penetration," CinePaint Project Manager Robin Rowe told LinuxInsider.


    Measuring Linux and Open Source

    ,----[ Quote ]
    | How do you measure success?
    | This question is often asked in the Linux business and development
    | communities, with various answers given: "the number of servers in
    | the enterprise," "the number of desktop deployments," "or the number
    | of new bugs found in Vista today."
    | Measuring success is a matter of definition, and therefore it can be
    | a hard thing to pin down. And, it seems, the challenges of measurement
    | go a lot deeper than something as subjective as "success."


  2. Re: [News] Fedora Redefines Distros and Forks, Use Counting Attempts Begin

    ____/ [H]omer on Thursday 15 November 2007 22:12 : \____

    > Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
    >> Spinning a New Kind of Distro

    > I re-spun a custom Fedora 8 Live CD in about 20 minutes; they even
    > provide a generic logos package. With an upcoming rawhide release of
    > Anaconda, it may even finally boot on (previously unsupported) AMD-K6
    > and VIA-C3 systems, at last. I'll be rebuilding the generic logos
    > package with custom artwork, removing some of the encumbered junk like
    > Mono, and re-spinning a Free(er) version of Fedora within a week.
    > There's still further rebuilding to do, such as Firefox and Thunderbird
    > into the trademark-free Iceweasel and Icedove. I'll need to examine the
    > debs to see what modifications they've made, but since we're only
    > talking about artwork and the name, I don't anticipate much difficulty.
    > Specifying a "Provides: firefox" in the RPM spec, should be sufficient.
    > I'm leaning towards dumping Gnome entirely, in favour of XFCE, since it
    > is getting harder and harder to purge Microsoft IP from Gnome (Mono). I
    > would have actually preferred Enlightenment E17, but it is BSD licensed,
    > and I really want GPL software wherever possible. This will also solve
    > the issue of rebuilding Yelp without libbeagle dependencies, since I
    > just won't include Yelp at all. There are plenty of other desktop search
    > technologies without resorting to Novell's encumbered Beagle.
    > As for the kernel, I've yet to investigate what, if anything is tainted.
    > Shuttleworth seems to think there's stuff worth purging, hence the
    > Gobuntu project, but since their kernel work seems to be getting done
    > behind closed doors, it's anyone's guess what exactly the supposedly
    > contentious parts are. I'll need to investigate.
    > Everything else is just minor tweaking, and an ongoing audit process.
    > Eventually I'll move past just the Live CD and onto an install disc, but
    > that may require providing a third-party repo to ensure the distro does
    > not subsequently become tainted by encumbered dependencies. Users will
    > be free to change repos of course, but if that's what they want then
    > they probably shouldn't bother with this respin in the first place.
    > I could be sneaky, and repackage with "Conflicts:" flags set to known
    > encumbered components, thus making it difficult to taint without using
    > the "--nodeps" switch, and thus essentially breaking the RPM db. In fact
    > I might do *both* anyway if I want to do a full tree rebuild to optimise
    > for VIA C3 with "-march=c3 -m3dnow -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer", then
    > I'll have to host the C3 arch packages somewhere.

    What will it be called? LibreDora (like MythDora)? It seems like a lot of
    Fedora spins are born every day *and* gain presence. Remember that Kubuntu and
    Xubuntu started as non-Canonical-associated projects, AFAIK, so every small
    project can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Red Hat is also
    supposed to enter (properly) the desktop market shortly. Vista has just opened
    the door too widely for this. Everyone will capitalise on this opportunity and
    Apple is not alone.

    Microsoft tries to expand in other areas (e.g. portable media players, HPC),
    but only if its goal is to grab a 1% market share after **huge** investments,
    then it's 'successful'.

    ~~ Best of wishes

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